1st Japan Global Innovators' Forum (JGIF)

A place where Japanese innovators meet international audiences. [An English event with simultaneous interpretation in Japanese]

Feb 29, 2024
1st Japan Global Innovators' Forum (JGIF)
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日本語お申し込みサイト: https://jgif.peatix.com/view

[Event Overview]

"1st Japan Global Innovators’ Forum (JGIF)"
Date: Friday, March 15, 2024
Time: 18:00 to 20:00 Tokyo time (doors open at 17:30) / 10:00am to 12:00 noon CET (Central European Time);
Networking event from 20:00 to 21:00 for on-site participants only.
Where: Tokyo Innovation Base (TiB) in front of Yurakucho Station, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo & Online
Format: Hybrid (150 on-site participants / 150 online participants)
Language: English (with simultaneous interpretation in Japanese; for those wishing to hear Japanese interpretation, please bring your own smart phone and ear phones as the interepretor's voice will be distributed via Zoom)
Organizers: J-Stories, Mainichi Future Creation Lab
Partners and Supporters: The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TiB partner), The Mainichi Newspaper, The Embassy of Spain's Office of Economic and Commerce, Pacific Bridge Media & Consulting (PBMC)
Participating Startups: Six startups focusing on Disaster Tech, Age (Silver) Tech and Clean Energy (Please see below for more dertails).
Participating Commentators' Countries of Origin: Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Japan, among others.
Tickets: ¥1,500 for on-site participants (includes snacks and drinks for netwokring event ); Free for online participants. On-site participants are requested to bring two business cards.
Innovative Japanese startups with global ambitions will be gathering in the heart of Tokyo on March 15, showcasing the solutions they offer to help solve the world's biggest social and environmental challenges to a panel of international experts who will assess their growth potential overseas.
The inaugural Japan Global Innovators' Forum (JGIF) will invite promising Japanese startups in three specific categories: Age Tech, Disaster Tech, and Clean Energy.
The Japanese innovators will receive hands-on feedback and advice on their global expansion plans from various industry experts, ranging from venture capitalists to media professionals and to international NGOs, who will be joining this event in person or online from overseas.
The event, supported by the Government of Tokyo, the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper and the Office of Economy and Commerce of the Spanish Embassy in Japan, will be co-hosted by Japan's solutions-focused news service J-Stories and the Mainichi national daily's startup accelerator, Mainichi Future Creation Lab.
Organizers hope that the event becomes a practical meeting point between aspiring Japanese startups and their potential partners and supporters overseas, including VCs and CVCs. It is also expected to provide opportunities for overseas journalists to directly access Japanese startups and innovators for news coverage.

[ Program (Tentative; subject to change) ] 

Part 1: Case Study and Feedback (18:00-19:30 Tokyo time / 10:00-12:00 CET)

Group 1: Disaster Tech (30 minutes)
<Participating Startups>
– Aster: Provider of earthquake resistance coating
– Ai Heart Japan: Provider of atmospheric water generator/AWG
– Johan Martens, Innovation Manager, Doctors Without Borders (Netherlands)
– Matthew Romaine, Co-founder & Managing Director, Shizen Capital (Japan/USA)
Group 2: Age Tech  (30 minutes)
<Participating Startups>
– Magic Shield: A “magic floor” that prevents injuries from falls
– Assist Motion: “Wearable” robotic suit
– Bjoern Eichstaedt, Publisher, J-BIG (Germany)
– Yoko Kojima, Head of ESG, Mundi Ventures (Spain)
Group 3 : Clean Energy (30 minutes)
<Participating Startups>
-Ability: Portable hydrogen cartridges for mobility
-Challenergy: Wind power generation without blades
– Jan Lozek, Founder & Managing Director, Future Energy Ventures (Germany/Spain)
– Hirokazu Yamaguchi, Founder & CEO, Beyond Next Energy  (Japan)

Part 2: Roundtable Discussion (19:30-20:00 Tokyo time / 11:30-12:00 CET)

TOPIC: How Can Social Innovators in Japan Shine on a Global Stage?
(Tentative; subject to change without notice)
- Exploring Japan as a Pioneer Nation in Global Challenges: Unveiling the Sectors Capturing Worldwide Interest
- Navigating the Future: Unpacking the Latest Trends in Impact and ESG Investing on the Global Stage
- Pioneering Change: Can Japan Lead the World in Nurturing “Zebra" Companies and "Inclusive Innovation"?
- Insights and Strategies: Leveraging Advice from International Venture Capitalists to Make a Global Impact
– Jeff Char, Founder & CEO, SOGO Energy (Japan/USA)
– Yoko Kojima, Head of ESG, Mundi Ventures, (Spain/Japan)
– Naruko Kubo, Equity Stratagist, Sustainability Research, Morgan Stanley (Japan)
– Toshi Maeda, Founder and Executive Editor, J-STORIES
– Sayuri Daimon, Former Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Writer at The Japan Times

Part 3: Networking Event (20:00-21:00 Tokyo time) (Tokyo/TiB venue only)

Light refreshments and soft drinks will be served, and participants will have an opportunity to chat with each other. (Please note that alcohol will not be served due to the restrictions at the venue.)
For inquiries, please contact the organizers at jstories@pacificbridge.jp
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